Business Strategies from Annapolis, Maryland

Specializing in technology support and business strategies, BDTI of Annapolis, Maryland, is one of the most qualified development agencies in the industry. Our company believes in being upfront and honest regarding our capabilities. Building open lines of communication is the first step to success.

Business Development

Providing you with integrated marketing solutions and business strategy is at our core. Our team works to develop and implement programs that will provide you with solid results. Whether your company is working toward a federal contract or wants to expand its base within a specific industry, our business development services are the key to your success.

Specializing in staffing, proposal support, and business development strategies, our team has an unmatched amount of experience working with IT firms. You will find our evaluations and services to be invaluable.

Capitalizing on Opportunity

Beginning with an initial consultation, our group designs a custom marketing profile to suit your company needs. Strategies begin with an evaluation of your strengths and capabilities. Once the evaluation is complete, we reference and track opportunities that align with your long-term goals.

Business Woman, Business Strategies in Annapolis, MD

You want to take a proactive approach when looking for business opportunities. Whether you are working with a state or local agency or are at the forefront of the intelligence industry, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity. Our head-on perspective will help drive you to meet your goals.

Our staff to moves quickly, mapping out strategies and plotting marketing initiatives that will help maximize your business and expansion. You can count on us to capitalize on each and every opportunity.


Expansive Services

While focusing our efforts on business development, our team is experienced in a range of IT business supports and marketing services. Additional services we provide include:

• Capture • Marketing Analysis • PISA Support • Recruiting


Contact our offices in Annapolis, Maryland, to find out more about our business strategies and development services.